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Lithium Ion Battery For MX-3000 Universal Remote

Price: $29.95
Available For Order
Item Number: PL056067V3
Manufacturer Part No: PL056067V3

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Polymer Battery with Version 3 pressure release connector.

3.7V 2000 mAh typical capacity which will provide a longer run time than the original PC046067-H.

Replacement for:

    Universal Remote MX-3000 Remote Control
    Universal Remote MX-3000I Remote Control
    Korea Power Cell Powercard PC046067-H
    Universal Remote BTPC56067A
    The Battery Store PC036067V3
    Ray-O-Vac HHD10005

Important Handling Instructions:

    Do not immerse the battery in water or allow it to get wet.
    Do not use or store the battery near sources of heat such as a fire or heater.
    Do not reverse the positive (+) and negative (-)terminals.
    Do not connect the battery directly to wall outlets or car cigarette-lighter sockets.
    Do not put the battery into a fire or apply direct heat to it.
    Do not short-circuit the battery by connecting wires or other metal objects to the positive (+) and negative

(-) terminals.  
    Do not pierce the battery casingor break it open.
    Do not strike, throw or subject the battery to physical shock.
    Do not directly solder the battery terminals.
    Do not attempt to disassemble or modify the battery in any way.
    Do not place the battery in a microwave oven or pressurized container.
    Do not use the battery in combination with primary batteries (such as dry-cell batteries) or batteries of
    different capacity, type or brand.
    Do not use the battery if it gives off an odor, generates heat,becomes discolored or deformed,or appears abnormal in any way.
    If the battery is in use or being recharged, remove it from the device or charger immediately and discontinue use.


    Do not use or store the battery where it is exposed to extremely hot, such as under window of a car in direct sunlight on a hot day.Otherwise, the battery may be overheated. This can also reduce battery performance and/or shorten service life.
    If the battery leaks and electrolyte gets in your eyes,do not rub them.  Instead, rinse them with clean running water and immediately seek medical attention. If left as is,electrolyte can cause eye injury.